I take my projects to heart.

I’m a designer, illustrator and maker based out of Richmond, VA. When I graduated from college, I thought I’d find a job immediately—but I didn’t. So my freelance project, Constantly Alexandra Design and Illustration, was born. And while I did eventually end up getting a job (several amazing ones, actually) my side hustle never really went away. So here we are — I’m a designer by day and a maker by night, and loving every minute of it.


I love celebrating life's greatest moments.

No matter the project, it all comes down to celebration. Leaning into the joy of life’s moments is what I love best about what I do.

When I design a logo for a small business, I celebrate the owner taking a chance. When I paint a portrait of a lost loved one, I celebrate a life well-lived. When I design a website for a nonprofit, I celebrate wonderful people doing inspiring work. I get a thrill from what I make — and that’s something I don’t take lightly.

Watercolor painting of house
Photo of Alex Georghiou Frankart in front of wireframe
Journey Seven Photography


I've been called a hybrid, and I've been called a unicorn.

I’m not your typical designer. In my past lives, I’ve been an account manager, an analytics specialist, and a production artist.

I’ve managed social media accounts and strategized content for websites. I’ve also freelanced for years — so I’m scrappy and fluid with a lot of experience doing a wide range of things.

Want to chat?

While I may not always be available to take on new projects, I’d love to hear about what you’re working on! Let’s talk.